Main Entry:  Cloaked in a classic stucco finish, we worked with the General Contractor and supplier to avoid expansion seams. Guests were welcomed at the main entry below "the lantern," (aka the office) which at night, resembles a glowing beacon.
Terrace:  A yard to play on was very important for this family, and the Kitchen, outdoor covered Terrace, Living Room and Craft Room all spill out on the lawn.  A retaining wall was used to create the flat yard, on what is a steep site.  The retaining wall is grade height, acting as the edge on an infinity pool - without a visible border.
Office:  With the home's office set over the front entry like a ship's bridge, it affords a panoramic view of the surrounding neighborhood.  While most of the rooms have 9' ceilings, the office has a low, intimate ceiling with the structure expressed. Privacy was a concern, so the built-in desks provide just enough setback to ensure views to the outdoors yet maintain privacy from the street below. Cables and electrical equipment are also concealed behind the desks via hidden panels.   ​​​​​​​
Master Bath and Dressing Room:  Every inch and every detail was considered. Our drawing set described precisely how everything should be set with nothing left to chance. 
Bedroom Hallway:  This subtle detail became a highlight of the home. Among all the right angles, we placed an elegant soft curve in this long hallway, giving the hall its own sense of identity along with enhanced width.
Construction Process​​​​​​​:  Our team was involved daily in all aspects of the construction administration. From troubleshooting to incorporating interior details and specifications, the construction process was thorough and thoughtful.
Modeling​​​​​​​:  3D modeling was used in the design process from the beginning. Preliminary massing models helped understand how the basic volume of the home would relate to the surrounding structures and interact with sunlight.  As the design developed, the model served as a fantastic tool to discuss the details and final designs with our client.
Construction Documents
A house of this scale and scope requires coordinating an enourmous amount of information for the Contractor to bid and build from.  This project took 96 sheets of 30"x42" size, not including dozens of pages of Construction Administration documents to clarify details and make revisions as required during construction.  
Enlarged Floor Plans​​​​​​​:  Areas of complex detail are drawn at a larger scale and show additional detail.  
Floor Plans​​​​​​​: The floor plans anchor the project and show all basic dimensions.  All exterior elevations, wall sections, details, site elevations, interior elevations and general conditions are accurately tracked here. 

Schematic Design
Regardless of project size, we use schematics and conceptual boards to pin down the program and elements of the design we want to pursue in detail with CAD drawings
View studies were done to understand the impact the construction would have on neighbors.  
Preliminary Sketches 
My Roles: Job Captain, Drawing Production, Detailing, management of documentation and drawing set.
Architect: Kevin Richards, Richartz Studios, Inc.
Interior Designer: Lee Ann Baker
General Contractor: Krekow Jennings
Location: Seattle, Washington
Size:  7000 Square Feet +
Stadler Studio Photography