General Contractor:  CPM
Casework: Northrop Case
Metal Fabrication: Gagnon Welding 42 Inc
Concrete Countertops: Sound Concrete Countertops
Photography:  Becca Tapert
Owner Maxwell Mooney testing equipment prior to opening day

The project relied on 3D modeling to easily and effectively convey the design to the Owner and General Contractor.  

Permit Plans

Approved Schematic Floor Plan concept

Concepts to consolidate kitchen and bar.  

Horseshoe concept exploring the flow around the bar and utilization of the existing wood columns.  

Concepts exploring size of bar and screening of bathrooms.  A separate prep kitchen was deemed necessary and the lower concept was green lighted.

Narrative Coffee commissioned Pierce Design to create a bright and comfortable 'neighborhood living room' for their new coffee shop which focuses on meticulously made coffee drinks.  With a focus on service and their clientele, the coffee bar is designed to allow each patron to be personally greeted without the use of a large wall menu and then to maintain that personal contact and communication with the barista through the whole process.  A circular workflow around a central island allow the baristas to maneuver gracefully around the workspace, and the suspended shelving above the island acts as a visual anchor, and grounds the bar as the central focus of the space.  

With a visually stunning and texturally heavy brick and wood beam building, added elements were chosen as a light weight complement to that palette.  White oak, finished to prevent the yellowing typically found in 1980's oak decor, combined with brass and steel details provide a comforting yet fresh feel with Nordic sensibilities.  Ebonized oak panels on cabinets allow them to recede in the background and place the focus on the details, like the walnut, concrete and stainless steel countertops. 

The prep kitchen was located in front of the bathrooms to provide some privacy and screening and extend the bathroom 'box within a box' massing.  This also created a back corridor and some differentiation of space.  

Painting the exterior in a dark slate creates a bold presence on the downtown street and allows for a stunning lantern effect at night from the bright and vibrant space inside.​​​​​​​