This young, vibrant and fast-growing product development group wanted their office space to reflect their creative culture. So we dared to infuse it where no one else would think to: bathrooms, trash receptacles, elevator doors. The result was anything but ordinary.
Clear acrylic with figures and letters CNC'd out of the back are shown here along with hand-painted, hand-applied Braille letters. 
Labeling applies to more than just food in the fridge around here. These label and orientation signs made for instant organization.
The crisp, bold color palette and label system could be eyed from far away and encouraged recycling and composting. 
A blast from many of the employee’s past, these graphics added to the cool factor. Floor levels are referenced in the "lives" and "score" at the top.
More office fun: dominoes denoted floor numbers and the info signs offered a spirited graphic language.
Elevator concept
In progress: These concept boards show ideas that give the clear glass conference and breakout meeting rooms more privacy.