If you’re a national garden and nursery owner for a living, chances are you’d want your own yard to be immaculate. I had the privilege of managing this project for award winning Architect, Bob Swain. Features include an 8-foot tall plunging waterfall, a 14-foot long wall of cascading water down a board-formed concrete retaining wall, an antique Chinese paver patio with copper rill water feature, giant boulders, organic stone steps and a true artisanal dry stack stone retaining wall. While the trees and shrubs were native, the perennial flower beds provided our client a showpiece for their business.
My Roles: Project Designer, Job Captain, Detailing, Management of documentation and drawing set.

Architect: Robert Edson Swain  http://www.bobswain.com

Landscape & General Contractor: Scott Eckley http://www.scoteckley.com
Location:  Lake Washington

Design Team: 3 persons

Year: 2006