Completed:  2022
Location:  Seattle, WA
Specialty Fabrication and Signage:  Western Neon
Photography:  Andrew Storey, Light Catcher Imagery
For their second location in the new Google Headquarters in the rapidly developing South Lake Union neighborhood of Seattle, 203ºF Coffee commissioned Pierce Design to craft a crisp and modern cafe using the DNA of their first location in a compact footprint.  
Inspired by the large storefront windows that allow clear views in of the coffee preparation process and views out of the busy pedestrian alleyways and sidewalks, the space is conceived as an urban lantern and street side cafe - a welcoming spot to grab a cup to go, or take a moment to enjoy the afternoon sun and urban hustle and bustle of the surrounding neighborhood.  
A pair of ADA bathrooms and a scullery have been carefully compressed into the back corner of the space, leaving all windows for the coffee bar and built in seating.  In order to make the space feel larger than it's 900sf would suggest, the layout and flow have been carefully considered to be easy to understand and efficient.  
Upon approaching the cafe from the street or sidewalk, a large glowing feature wall grabs your attention.  Fabricated with layers of machined frosted acrylic and illuminated from the side taking advantage of the optical properties of the material,  a subtle 3D caffeine molecule is revealed upon closer inspection.