You know the drill: I want to keep watching this but I need another beer. What to do?
Answer: design a pivot apparatus to view the TV from the library and breakfast nook and kitchen for 180 degrees of movement. In this design, the support leg and track were incorporated in the design due to the masonry corner of the historic home, which wasn't stout enough on its own and could not be reinforced.
Blackened steel frame with a support leg added to the design due to the weight limits on the corner we used. The infrared sensor was modified and moved to a location directly below the TV on the support leg.
My Roles: Project Designer

Architect: Robert Edson Swain

Fabrication: Pat Howe - Carpentry, Robert Schreib - Total Welding & Machine Fabrication
The blackened steel track in the floor provides a smooth, hard surface for the wheel to roll on. Without this feature, the existing Douglas fir flooring would have developed a deep and unsightly groove. 
Pivot joint
Support leg wheel