A new, mod condo wanted roof access and not just for margarita parties. They needed a way to clean the rain downspouts, which were 30 feet above ground, and also to alleviate summer heat from the top floor. We came up with the best of both worlds: a small rooftop deck complete with a bright yellow all-steel ladder and a rooftop hatch. Bring on the cocktails.
Bright yellow added the perfect pop to the environment.
My Roles: Lead Designer, Schematic Design, Permits through C.A.
General Contractor: Tim Tanner of Tanner Construction LLC
Structural Engineer: I.L.Gross Structural Engineers http://www.ilgross.com
Stair Fabrication: Robert Schreib, Total Welding & Machine Fabrication
Location: Seattle, Washington
Year: 2013
The location at the top of the condo’s stairs, stood out for its perfect location off the Living Room and for the natural 'chimney effect' that results when the hatch is open during hot days.
We developed a careful, detailed set of construction drawings to understand all aspects of the ladder's ergonomics for a precise integration with the existing roof structure.
With ship ladders being quite steep, careful attention to the precise angle of lean, riser spacing and head clearance were studied.
Above drawings indicate the tread prototype to verify the steel thickness, tread nose radius and tread strength under load. 
Finished welded assembly prior to powdercoating.
A generous radius at the front edge of the treads softens what could be a sharp edge and an easy place to scrape a knee or shin.
The rooftop deck provided 360º views of the city and the perfect new hangout for the homeowners and their friends.